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Your Hands Can Heal School of Reiki Course Dates & Events


  • Hands-on Healing Training - Part One of the Reiki training - A foundational training to working with energy (4 1/2 days held once a week)
    Reiki Level One - A 2 day Course - Part Two, includes the Level 1 attuenment
    Reiki Level Two - A 2 day Course - includes the Level 2 attunement (Pre-requisit Level 1)
    Reiki Level Three - A 2 day Course - includes the the Level 3 attuenemnt (Pre-requisit Level 2)
  • Usui Reiki/Tera-Mai TM Training: All levels: level 1, 2 & 3 available upon request depending on the level of student, small classes or individual classes on a one to one instruction also available.
    On going Workshops are offered to continue to support all students at all levels.

  • Clearing energies with the Pendulum & other practitioner techniques TM Workshop - "Compassion"- (Level One)
    Date: Sunday 24th April - 2016
    Time: 10.00 am start (please be prompt) - 4.00 pm close
    Cost: £50.00
    Lunch: bring a packed lunch
    Herbal teas & biscuits will be provided

  • TM Workshop - "Cutting Ties" (Level Two)
    Date: Sunday 8th May - 2016
    Time: 10.00 am - 4.00 pm
    Cost: £60.00, includes herbal teas & biscuits
    Lunch: Bring to Share

    The Chakras & Our Spiritual Growth
    Working with a Sacred Clearing Symbol to cut negative ties
    Clearing energies with the Pendulum & other practitioner techniques

    The Hands-on Healing Course - Prerequisite for Reiki level 1 (Part 1)
    This course is held once a week consecutively over a 4 1/2 weeks, for 6 hours per day.
    This is a comprehensive introductory course to healing, covering hands-on healing techniques, a detailed study of the Chakra system, the Aura, self protection, the human anatomy, client record cards, understanding the representation of physical disease, setting up a sacred work space, meditations and much more ...... everything that a professional practitioner would need to know in order to become a verified practitioner.
    2 training manuals supplied
  • Usui Reiki/Tera-Mai TM - Level 1 (Part 2)
    This course follows Part 1, held once a week 1 x 1/2 day session, one full day & ending with a half day.
    (The level One attunement given on the last day of Part 2)
    One training manual supplied - certificate issued upon completion of course.

    Date: Saturday 20th May & Sunday 21st May 2016
    Time: 10.00 am start - 4.00 pm close
    Cost: £250.00
    Lunch: bring a packed lunch
    Herbal teas & biscuits will be provided

GONG SOUND THERAPY WORKSHOP - with Gong sound specialist Angela Mason MCSH

The gentle healing, nurturing sounds of the Gong
Date: Saturday 15th February 2014
Venue: Bells Yew Village Hall, Nr. Tunbridge Wells - Next door to Frant Station.
Lisa and Sandra with Gong and Sandra's Reflection


I am delighted to be able to offer the third Tibetan Bowl workshop with award winning musician Chris Green. It has been almost 3 years since the last workshop with Chris and so I would like to offer this very special and enjoyable workshop firstly to those who are new to the school and secondly to those who have not as yet experienced one.
Presenting the workshop will be, Chris Green - With a catalogue of more than twenty CD's of relaxational, visualization and therapy-room music published through two record companies, Chris has built an international reputation as a respected artist in the world of New Age music. He is known under the recording alias Wychazel and, working with Robert Fenner, as Runestone. Visit www.wychazel.com for more information.
Feedback from the facilitator
Please pass on my thanks to all involved for their active participation and friendly demeanour. They were such a nice collection of people - much easier to get along with than my Sat Nav. As ever... Chris

Advanced Reiki Training HIGH TOUCH® NETWORK - JIN SHIN ACUPRESSURE (SELF-HELP) - 8th May 2012

I had a wonderful day all round, thank you. From start to finish, it was a really enjoyable day. I am fascinated by the Jin Shin, and enjoyed Carrie's presentation very much. I would also be interested in learning more Jin Shin in 6-12 months time. I felt that it touched on the tip of a mountain of knowledge and I am very keen to learn more. I found Carrie very personable and professional and knowledgeable of her subject. Thank you for introducing me to this new skill and for organising a wonderful day. The class-mates and the food were wonderful. Many thanks Victoria,
Lisa oxo

Learn the art of meditational whirling - an act of spiritual liberation. A spiritually uplifting, visually beautiful and life enhancing experience.Sufi whirling with Sheikh Ahmed Dede and his Dervish whirlers to be held in 2011 at the Uplands Community College in the village of Wadhurst, East Sussex.

children's workshop CHILDREN'S WORKSHOP - "An Introduction to Healing" - 12th Dec 2010
This 2 hour workshop was aimed at introducing basic hands-on healing to children aged 7-12. It was a huge success thanks to Lucy Britten's hard work and the assistance of Sharon Catt.
A follow up workshop has been requested.

Year 12 Health and Social Care Class for the 3rd annual lecture on Reiki

ADDITIONAL REIKI ACTIVITIES - Uckfield Community College, East Sussex - 14th Oct 2010
Year 12, Health & Social Care Class for the 3rd annual lecture on Reiki.
Nadim Sawalha Sheikh Ahmed Dede Dede, Nadim Sawalha & Victoria Gosher - a Jordanian born English actor and father of actresses Julia & Nadia Sawalha.
Nadim attended the Sufi Whirling workshop at the Uplands Community College in Nov 2010 in preparation for his next movie.

Reiki healing circle ONE DAY EMERGENCY FIRST AID COURSE - 20th March 2010
Chris Green and Jean Girling Feedback: "Hi Victoria, Just to let you know I found the first aid course extremely useful on Saturday." Qualification valid for 3yrs and registered with the HSE.

Due to popular request, Chris Green of "Runestone" and his assistant Joan Girling have agreed to offer a third workshop for those who missed out on the previous two workshops.